How to Plan Your Curated Ear Piercings

While multiple ear piercings themselves aren’t new, the curated ear burst onto the scene in late 2015. Since then, their popularity has yet to fade. The curated ear trend transforms ear piercings from a single accessory to a personally-styled gallery.

Today we take a look into the curated ear:

  • What they are
  • How to plan/design
  • Common questions
  • Where to get Pierced

What are curated ear piercings?

A curated ear is more than multiple piercings. Each piercing and jewellery is carefully chosen to complement each other and your look, as a curator puts together an art gallery. Curating your ear piercings takes into account your ear shape, your personal style, and the other piercings.

It is an intelligent, artistic approach to piercing. It can use all types of ear piercings and jewellery. Some of the most popular to include are:

  • Lobe piercings
  • Helix Piercings
  • Nostril Piercings
  • Conch Piercings
  • Tragus Piercings

How to Plan a Curated Ear

There are four basic steps to planning a curated ear:

  1. Assess
  2. Choose a theme/style
  3. Choose piercings
  4. Choose jewellery

Step 1: Assess

The first thing that you need to do is assess your ear shape. The shape of your ear determines which will look best and can eliminate some piercing options. For example, many people can’t get a snug piercing due to their ear shape. In this case, you would need to choose an alternative such as getting a low rook piercing.

As well, you should assess any existing piercings. If you have existing piercings they should be taken into consideration. If you don’t want to include a piercing you will need to wait for it to fully heal over or avoid piercings too close to that area. If you want to keep it, your design will have to incorporate that piercing.

Step 2: Choose A Theme/Style

There are nearly unlimited options in piercing jewellery. So the only limit in styles and themes is your imagination. People may want to go with something simple like gold jewellery or discreet studs and rings. Or you can go with something more attention grabbing like a rainbow array of colours or themed jewellery like pirate or space-themes.

With this in mind, you’ll have some idea of the sort of look you’re creating to pick your piercings and jewellery.

Gold curated ear design

Step 3: Choose Piercings

For a curated ear, you can choose any number of piercings, and any types that your ear shape can safely handle. So consider the look you are going for and how the piercings will look together.

Step 4: Choosing Jewellery

There will likely be two different sets of jewellery that you are choosing. In the planning stage, you will want to focus on the jewellery you are planning to keep long-term. But you will also need to choose safe jewellery for while your piercings heal. Once your piercings fully heal you can replace them with the jewellery for your curated ear.

But, for new piercings, you want to choose jewellery styles and materials that are safer. For example, hoop earrings look cool, but they can easily shift and/or catch. This is potentially damaging to a new piercing and can slow healing. Instead, you may want to start with a bar or stud.

Our Favourite Stud Earrings

Should I Consult With A Piercing Artist Before or After Planning A Curated Ear?

Some people prefer to consult with a piercing artist before planning their curated ear. Others plan first and then visit the piercing shop. Either way is fine, however, if you plan on your own there is a possibility that you won’t be able to get certain ear piercings.

If your ear shape won’t allow for a certain piercing your piercer can recommend another that satisfies your style/theme.

Generally, it’s a good idea to go into a consultation with any themes or styles you have in mind. Then they can help you pick the best ear piercings and jewellery.

How Many Piercings in a Curated Ear?

A common range for a curated ear is 4 to 7 piercings. But, you don’t need to limit yourself to that. A curated ear should have as many piercings as it takes to create the appearance you’re looking for, whether that 3 piercings or 14. The only limits are how many you want, and how much real estate there is on your ear.

Should I Get All My Piercings at Once or One-at-a-Time?

You certainly don’t need to get your curated ear piercings one-at-a-time, but there’s a limit on how many you should get in one go. As a rule, we usually recommend getting a maximum of 3-4 piercings at once.

Once those piercings heal you can return to finish the project. This way you can improve healing conditions and better manage piercing aftercare.

Where to Get Curated Ear Piercings in Newmarket?

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